Consumer Choice through Brokerage with Agent Service

Thank you for visiting our part time (for full time, if you prefer) employment web site. There are numerous questionable sites which ask you for upfront money. Rest assured that we are legitimate and can easily and quickly prove it by having our status verified with the National Government Agency, called the Centers for Medicare in Washington, DC, and on the local level with the Springfield, IL Department of Insurance. This web site does not make any comparisons or evaluations between Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, or Medicare Part D Plans. 

CMS  has marketing  guidelines  regarding  these  comparisons  which can  can  be  found  here:

In keeping with this CMS guideline, we prominently display this disclosure on each page of this web site


"This is not a complete listing of plans available in your service area.

For a complete listing please contact 1-800-MEDICARE or consult"

Our web site name is what we do: We sell Medicare Insurance . . .  hence, we introduce ourselves as being a Financial Consultant with an Insurance Brokerage, called "Medicare Insurance Sales".

Maybe we should join the trend to refer to ourselves as Consultants, Advisors or even "Experts"? However, our customers appreciate that we are going to receive a sales commission, and they expect us to earn it by providing ongoing customer service when and if they experience problems in having their Medicare bills paid.

Our Company Founder, Scott Slagle, has been successfully marketing Medicare Insurance for over 3 decades. Our home office is in a suburb of Chicago and we are expanding nationwide. Our business model is simple: We assist you in getting insurance licensed and even reimburse all your fees after your first 10 policies, on a prorated basis. That is, with each issued policy, we reimburse 10% of your out of pocket exam preparation class (in person or via the internet) and state licensing fees. After 10 issued policies, you are fully reimbursed.

Depending on your individual state's fees, the total typical cost is usually about $350. Therefore, we simply add $35 to your first commission check for each sale. For expediency, most of our Advisors prefer direct deposit into their checking account. This licensing reimbursement lessens your risk if you discover that you wish to quickly exit the business. That is, if you find that the business is not for you, and you were only able to issue 5 Medigap policies, then you were reimbursed up to half of your financial investment, although in the future, you will always be able to maintain your life/health insurance license. 

Our market is the lucrative Medicare and Baby Boomer Financial market and we seek top Sales Consultants and Managers to take us there and reap the profits. In its purest sense, the Obama Health Reform has been profitable for our company. The public is uncertain and eager for information. Therefore, leads are plentiful. Although we offer a full range of insurance and investments, for our main product line, we have found a successful niche market: Medicare. We broker the traditional Medicare Supplement from quality companies, like Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, etc., and today's most popular, due to its lower cost: Woodmen, Constitution Life and today's low cost leader: Mutual of Omaha. In order to assure your Customers that you have sought out the best, low-price, best-value Medigap Plan, we also offer a no-cost on-line quote engine.
We specialize in Medicare Advance (Part C) because Medicare Beneficiaries perfer the zero premium and reasonable copayments. Call our Founder and President, Scott Slagle, at 224-717-1000 and ask about our lucrative referral program if you prefer to not go through the Agent licensing process, or if you already have a license. You will have a contractual guarantee of your earned income when your referral signs and submits an application through our Agency. We are in the business of training Insurance Agents, so we are also actively interviewing for Financial Consultants. Our more broad business is in the Baby Boomer market, as you have no doubt read and heard about the upcoming wave of need for retirement planning.

No experience is necessary as we specialize in the training and licensing of new Health Insurance Agents. Although there are modest fees for the state mandated pre-license course, the state exam (with a very high pass rate) and 2 year life and health insurance license, our unique program offers a quick reimbursement for this $350 licensing requirement. In fact, the commissions are paid so quickly that all out-of-pocket funds are usually recouped in just a few weeks.

For those potential Medicare Enrollers who have a strong work ethic and a list of family and friends who are on Medicare who would welcome a no-cost consultation, we have a special commission advance program which allows the 8 hour classroom course, exam and 2 year license to be prepaid by our company, resulting in no out-of-pocket for you. Naturally, Agents who are already licensed and have the Errors and Omissions insurance can get an immediate start.  Although the majority of Medicare Beneficiaries are on the national "Do Not Call" List, CMS has mandated that cold calling "as a means to" enroll Beneficiaries into Medicare Advantage (Part C) or a Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) is prohibited. Therefore, our focus is on traditional direct mail which has a CMS approval number, or seminar invitations which are mailed out to a geographical area, like a 1-2 mile radius of a seminar. Naturally, personal referrals from family and friends and social networking sites are the best leads. To stay in compliance with Medicare's Guidelines, we simply take the referrals' address, rather than just calling them.

Our letter to the referral introduces us, by enclosing our business card, and we then have a record that our first verbal contact was their act of calling us. Our preferred List Brokers and Mailing Service Company can keep you close to home. Using your personal residence as a center point, they can mail out introductory letters and accompanying response cards to your 65+ year old neighbors. Once you've made a few neighborhood enrollments and made some neighborhood friends in the process, referrals are sure to flow.  

As a full Life and Health Insurance Brokerage, our unique marketing advantage is that we offer all the top Medicare Supplements and most popular Medicare Advantage Programs. For those Agents who want to expand their income, we offer training and support for Long Term Care, Annuities, and Reverse Mortgages. However, most Agents start off with what customers naturally ask for: Blue Cross Medicare Supplement (Plan F) + Part D (Drugs), or the increasingly popular Medicare Advantage with zero premiums and co-payments.  

6-figure Sales Management opportunities are also available as our recession proof market is poised to boom: The first of the Baby Boomers are now entering Medicare, and are eager for our solutions. Plus, consider that nationwide, 1 out of every 3 Seniors (especially in
California and Texas) has already experienced the savings of the newer Part C, Medicare Advantage. Local surveys show that Seniors are either misinformed about their ability to go outside the networks, or have never had the good fortune to take advantage of what we offer: a free half hour consultation to show how their "Medicare and You" Handbook gives them a wise alternative to Blue Cross .  .  . savings thousands . . . and happier customers.

This "Medicare and You" booklet details how a Medicare Beneficiary at any age (During the Annual Enrollment Period or the Special Enrollment Period) can enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan for the first time, then for the entire calendar year of 2013 (no "lock-in", like others must accept) maintain the flexibility to switch back to their Medicare Supplement. For more details on the mechanics of how all this works and to determine whether the traditional Medigap + Part D vs. Medicare Advantage is the best alternative, our 20 minute presentation to Medicare Beneficiaries can be seen at:

You are encouraged to make a decision before the beginning of the Annual Election Period on October 15th. Virtually everyone is welcome to work with us on a referral basis, as the only seasonal training would be on how to identify your natural market (parents, friends, contacts, etc) for those on Part A and B of Medicare, which is virtually everyone who is over age 65 and not still on a group health insurance plan.

For those who wish to pursue employment beyond the seasonal opportunity which ends on Dec 7th,  we offer training and support to those who have a persuasive and consultative sales ability and a strong work ethic. Click on "contact us" above or call (224)717-1000 now to talk to Scott Slagle so that you can determine whether you prefer to work just on an informal referral basis, or to pass the Health Insurance License Exam. Either way, a rewarding experience by helping Seniors awaits, along with a lucrative long term income for those Medicare Beneficiaries who are turning age 65, or maybe just a quick Christmas Bonus for the Oct 15th - Dec 7th Annual Election Period?